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J.L.H.C. Supporter
WeI want to thank you personally for your important  contribution to J.LH.C
We really appreciate having your company
as a Women& Family Empowerment project
it will help us tremendously to reach
our common goal
"From People to People"

Because of Economic Crisis ,women are the first to lose their jobs.
besides, almost 40% of poor families:
more than 114,000 families in which at least one of the heads of the household works.
About 74,000 families living in poverty were elderly,
and about 61,000 were families with Four or more children.

J.L.H.C, come to the Support of Israel 's women&Family today,
and to provide for their long-term needs as well.

J.L.H.C sponsors a range of programs
to better the lives of women&Family and to provide them with the

Family Consultation& Mediation & Educational Orientation
to ensure their future as self-sufficient citizens.

The needs are great , but so are the opportunities. Please give generously.

The people of Israel are counting on you.
Here are some examples of how your

Activating 900 Volunteers
Among 350 Families in Jerusalem
1250 all around Israel

Every $ 10,000 / 1250 Families = $ 8 /12 months = 0.66 cc / 30 Days= 0.02 cc Daily

Social / Medical /Child's School Insurance arrangements

$ 36 Support (10 cc Daily) /Each 1,625 Israeli Children -Jerusalem

$ 36 Support (10 cc Daily) /Each 5,625 Israeli Children

With your help , J.L.H.C. will b there for Israel 's Women & Family
in need Women & Family Empowerment Immediate needs:

Your contribution can help the people of Israel :

$6000 /12
Annual Students Scholarship for Outreach / Leadership Enrichment /Activities
among Israeli
Large Families
Single Parents
Terror Survivors

Over 350 Families in Jerusalem

1250 Families all around Israel

attend 900's Volunteers in Israel
will also provide
a Week's basic supplies
to a needy family

ISRAEL: Direct : 011-972-544-917-257
011-972-77-67 -67-5-67

P.O. Box:27016 Jerusalem 91270

USA: Los Angeles: 310-655-7000
Direct L.A. : 310-909-8859
New York :516-6849722

P.O. Box :260001 Encino CA .91426-0001

E.MAIL: Send