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Dating & Marriage

JLHC is an Apolitial, Nonproit Organization established ,
with the aim of strengthening and nurturing the ties between
Jews in Israel and the Diaspora.Its ideal is the
"People for People Partnership".

JLHC Forum conducts a wide variety of activities and projects,
developing innovative methods to maintain and nurture a direct,
on-going dialogue between Israeli and Diaspora Jewry,
based on values of mutuality,reciprocity and pluralism.

Bringing Israel Closer to you:

Israel Solidarity Campaign
Advocating Is r ael on campuses & Jewish Commun it ies
Israel Solidarity Missions / Tour & Study
(scholarships available for religibles)

Student's Outreach on the Compuses
(Follow up 2250 Jewish Students in U.S)

•  Student Scholarship Fund for Outreach & Enrichments

Mifgash-Jewish Students Israelis / Diaspora Exchange for
Partnership in common Activities concerning ,
"People for People ".

Women& Family Empowerment :

•  Family Dispute Resolution Center :
Marriage Consultation & Mediation in Agunot- divorcements Cases,
Single Parent's Support

Empowerment & Coach for Israeli Larg Families/
Single Parents / Terror Survivors:
•  Jewish Educational/ Pre-Marriage consultations/ Seminars

Home management work shops to help women & family
living on a limited budget


ISRAEL: Direct : 011-972-544-917-257
011-972-77-67 -67-5-67

P.O. Box:27016 Jerusalem 91270

USA: Los Angeles: 310-655-7000
Direct L.A. : 310-909-8859
New York :516-6849722

P.O. Box :260001 Encino CA .91426-0001

E.MAIL: Send